Peach Golden Pheasant

Peach Golden Pheasants are a rare and special color mutation of the original, wild Red Golden Pheasant (Chrysolophus pictus). Peach Golden Pheasants are not hybrids or crosses.

Peach Golden Pheasants are highly decorative and strikingly unusual in their coloration, reminding one of a cockatoo's color scheme. Males have a lot of white set off by a light, shiny golden breast and body and a full peachy ruff. The head is crested with a shimmering yellow-gold color and the under-eye marking on the face looks like a dab of bright yellow paint. There is virtually no dark barring or striping - the peach ruff has light barring in a white-buff color, and the tail and wings are white. Male Peach Golden Pheasants seem to light up an aviary with shimmering light. Females are far less dramatic than the males but look great as a group. Females can be all white or have splotching of light tan or fawn.

Range: The Red Golden species is indigenous to the forested mountains of China. However, this Peach Golden Pheasant mutation can only be found in captivity.

Habitat: The Peach Golden Pheasant is found in collections and aviaries around the world.

Status in the wild: Peach Golden Pheasants are considered domestic birds.

Status in Aviculture: These are becoming very highly sought after, but are still hard to find and quite rare.

Breeding: Peach Golden Pheasants are dependable breeders in captive environments. Note that males don't usually acquire the full color to their plumage until their second year. However, they are often fertile earlier than that. Breeding starts in April and the clutch size is usually 8-12 eggs. Incubation time is 22-23 days.

Lifespan: With good husbandry and optimal conditions, Peach Golden Pheasants can live over 15 years.

Size: Male Peach Golden Pheasants usually weigh just about 2 pounds and measure up to 41 inches in length. Tails take up about 2/3 of the full length of the birds. Females are a bit smaller and are usually between 24 and 30 inches long.

Housing Requirements: Peach Golden Pheasants require an enclosure with plenty of floor space. If there is not enough room, the tend to rub their tails on the sides and break off feathers. Also, be sure that the enclosure is situated in the shade, as sunlight can fade their color. Peach Golden Pheasants get along fine with other types of birds.

Diet: Peach Golden Pheasants do fine when fed a commercial Game Bird Diet.

Miscellaneous Notes: When breeding Peach Golden Pheasants, do be aware that they can cross breed and hybridize with other ruffed pheasants, which include both Red Golden or Lady Amherst Pheasants.