Black Shoulder Peafowl

There is a more visible difference in an India Blue Peahen and a Black Shoulder Peahen, though. The Black Shoulder Peahen is mostly white, with some tan, cream, and light brown markings, while the India Blue Peahen is mostly a drab brownish-green.

The solid colored wings of the Black Shoulder Peacock is due to a recessive gene. While it has and can occur naturally, breeders use selective breeding techniques to produce more of them. Black Shoulder Peacocks will breed true, though, as long as both parents are Black Shoulders.

Habitat: Peafowl can live in a variety of habitats and are raised successfully all over the world in aviaries, zoos, and by individuals. They are often left to free range and are quite hardy birds.

Description: The head and breast of a Black Shoulder Peacock is a solid and beautiful royal blue, and he has a fan shaped crest. The tail is well-known for its spectacular display and distinctive "eyes." The wings of a Black Shoulder Peacock are solid black.

The Black Shoulder Peahen is mostly white, with cream and light brown markings. She, too, has a fan shaped crest, but lacks the magnificent tail of the peacock.

Breeding Season: From March or April until July in the United States.

Clutch Size: 6-10 eggs

Incubation Period: 28 days