2022 Birds for Sale

Available Birds:

  1. Ring Neck Pheasant Pairs: $50 for the pair -(4pairs left)
  2. Extra Male Ring Neck: $25 each. -(4 left)
  3. Golden Pairs: $100/pair-(3 pairs left) SOLD
  4. Extra Golden Males: $50- (2 left) SOLD
  5. Silver Pheasants: $75 each. I am still not 100% sure how many males and females I have. I believe I have 3 pairs but the males need a little more color for me to be sure. SOLD
  6. Indian Blue Peafowl Straight Run: $100 each (2 left)
  7. Indian Blue/Pied Mix Straight Run: $100  (1 left)

These birds will go fast. If you are interested in birds please message quickly and pay for the ones you want so they can be held for you.

Pickup Instructions

All birds must be picked up at the farm in Snowflake Arizona by appointment only or in person in Mesa off Southern and Val Vista by appointment only. No holds on birds unless you have paid in full for them. If you are picking up at the farm you can pay when you pick up, but there is no guarantee we will still have birds.

**Mesa, AZ pickup will be Wednesday 11/23/22 from 8 am to 3 pm.

How to pay for birds?

Payment can be by Zelle or Venmo.

2022 Season and Thinking About 2023

Unfortunately we weren't able to raise as many birds this season as we would have hoped. With some newly finished pens to provide breeding pairs more room we are hoping for an amazing 2023 hatch and raise. We have the following breeding pairs for 2023:

Pheasants: Goldens, Yellow Goldens, Lady Amherst, Ring Neck, Reeves, Silvers, Temec Tragopan, Swinhoe's.

Quail: Gambels, Blue Scaled, California Valley, Bobwhite

Turkeys: Narragansett Turkey

Peafowl: Indian Blue and Indian Blue/Pied Mixes



This is a picture of on of my male Goldens.